We are willing to accept any sponsorship offers as long as they make sense for our channel and for your business.  If you are a brand and you are interested in us utilizing your product(s) in our videos and/or would like us to review your restaurant please send us your information below or email us directly at hellthyjunkfood@gmail.com.   Let’s get the conversation started!

Lets Work Together!

The following videos are examples of brands and restaurants that we’ve worked with in the past

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This video is sponsored by Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

GET THE BOOK!!!: http://bit.ly/CenturyOfStrange
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Lenovo Smart Display

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Google Pay

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This video was sponsored by Google Pay.

Prime Fresh

Enter to WIN $5,000 by visiting https://primefreshdeli.com/sweeps/
This video is sponsored by Prime Fresh.


Liquid-Plumr challenged us to Will It Clog? Watch us make the biggest DIY Lava Cake, clog our drain and see if Liquid-Plumr can unclog it. #WILLITCLOG

The National Pork Board

Thanks National Pork Board for sponsoring this video. Click below for more pork grilling tips and recipe inspiration!


LG sponsored this video to giveaway their new LG G7 ThinQ phone and also take on a random request from the winner of the phone.
G7 ThinQ: http://bit.ly/2NmDhLY

Epic Games

Download Fortnite! https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHdj
Sponsored by Epic Games


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Circle K

Satisfy your thirst at Circle K: http://www.circlek.com/store-locator

Circle K

Satisfy your thirst at Circle K: http://www.circlek.com/store-locator

Downtown Louie’s Lounge

We travel to Detroit Michigan, to visit a restaurant that serves the world’s fanciest junk food. There we attempt to create the fanciest burgers in a three-way versus going against their head chef Clifton Booth.

Prime Fresh Deli


Join Honey for FREE at http://joinhoney.com/HJF


Use our link http://www.audible.com/hjf or text hjf to 500-500 to get a free book and 30-day trial.


Register your account at Qdoba.com/sign-up. Make sure to opt-in to QDOBA’s email program to receive special offers and new product alerts.

Clash Royale

and join our clan!! username: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1053012308


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Curly’s BBQ Ribs


Blue Apron

First 100 people get $40 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron, here!: https://cook.ba/2Gi1RKz


Use our link Go to your nearest Qdoba – https://www.qdoba.com/locations
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Use our link http://www.audible.com/hjf or text hjf to 500-500 to get a free book and 30-day trial.


Use our link http://www.audible.com/hjf or text hjf to 500-500 to get a free book and 30-day trial.

Best Fiends

Download Best Fiends for FREE: http://download.bestfiends.com/WinterUpdate, and get $5 worth of gold and diamonds for FREE if you beat level 3!


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Bon Giovi Brand

Visit http://www.Bongiovibrand.com and get 20% using the coupon CODE: BURRITO

Oscar Mayer

Learn more about Oscar Mayer bacon here http://bit.ly/HJFBaconTips


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CrunchyRoll sponsored our video to promote the platform offering Ad Free for 14 Day where you can sign up at http://www.crunchyroll.com/hjf


We create a food war between ourselves to make the best Hot Dog Inside A Burger as we promote the new season of Food Wars on VRV driving our audience to use our link: http://bit.ly/hjf_VRV to get a 30 day ad-free trial of the VRV combo pack!


We work directly with Natalie from JTV on cracking open our Edible Geode driving our audience to the JTV youtube channel to subscribe.

Bon Giovi

Bon Giovi is a new sauce company owned and run by Bon Jovi and his family. We shocase the sauces and offer a 20% OFF Coupon with Code: HELLTHY17


Audible sponsored our Glow in the Dark Donuts video driving our audience to sign up for free and get a 30 day trial.

Roman Food Tours

We traveled to Rome in partnership with the Roman Food Tours to showcase their food tours and to promote tourism.

Best Fiends

JP’s long time addiction to Best Fiends is showcased once again in our recipe for Mac N’ Cheese Inside Pizza. This video drives our audience to download Best Fiends for free.

Sky Candy

We partnered with Sky Candy to create the World’s Largest Cotton Candy. With the help from SkyCandy we truly blew this recipe video out of the water while driving to Sky Candy. Creating a brand awareness campaign including an audience giveaway.


Our Audible partnership continues with our promotion in our Mermaid Ice Cream and Cone.

Crunchy Roll

JP’s love for anime comes is brought to life with the partnership of Crunchy Roll in this promotion in our Chicken Inside A Waffle recipe video.


We integrated Audible into our video where we taught our viewers how to make the very popular Unicorn Frap. Since we were creating a magical and mystical beverage we also discussed our favorite magic novels on Audible, Harry Potter.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club, the greatest solution for men when it comes to shaving, contacted us with interest in an integration to drive our audience to their business. We integrated the promotion into a skit of our morning routine before we made our epic breakfast sandwich.

Best Fiends Forever

Best Fiends Forever was recently launched and in promoting their gaming app they partnered with us to continue their campaign. Turns out that when JP downloaded the game he was addicted right away. We integrated the promotion into our copycat recipe of the Wendy’s frosty.

The Community Table Collaboration

We partnered with the Community Table in a promotional campaign to drive our audience to their fabulous cooking and foodie YouTube channel. If you haven’t already make sure to head over to checkout our Friends at the Community Table at https://youtu.be/6IDVhWdOjOU

Fuego Box

Fuego Box, monthly hot sauce mail delivery service, sent us 2 boxes to showcase their awesome variety and great tasting hot sauces. We tasted and reviewed the hot sauces in this video recipe of Outback Steak Houses blooming onion.

Fanatics Media Sports Community

Fanatics Media Sports Community goal is to drive viewers to their site to win prizes, and in this specific case to win free pizza. Being that they are a sports community we thought it would be best to get involved with our local sports community and give them free pizza. We went all out by ordering the entire Dominos menu.

Audible – Recipe Integration

We integrate Audible, leading audiobook company online, into our recipe video DIY Happy Meal Prep. We share with our audience the unmatched selection of titles by showcasing meal prep books that are on the site. We add comedy to the campaign as well as a hard drive to the specific product link for a 30 day free trial and audiobook with a sign up at Audible.com/junk.

Qdoba Mexican Eats

QDoba Mexican Eats sponsored us on an unboxing and food review at their restaurant. See here our video food review of their 6 Knockout Tacos. We had a great experience and can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend.

Audible – Review Integration

Audible, online audio book company, is featured in our East Coasts Eats In-N-Out Burger video as we share the history learned from the audio books on Audible.com. We offer a 30 day free trial and audiobook with a sign up at Audible.com/junk.

MVMT Watches – Recipe Integration

MVMT Watches incorporated their brand and product into our copy cat recipe video. We recreated a staple at KFC, the potato wedges. The promotion was placed as a commercial imbedded into the content wherein the viewer is not only to receive information on the brand and their discount for the product but to be entertained by the creative that we put together for MVMT Watches. The creative is done in a comedy style just as the recipe.

Mezzetta – Peppers

Mezzetta worked with us in campaigning a kick off to the summer showcasing their pickled peppers. We put together a full integration recipe utilizing four of their products by recreating a new Pizza Hut item the 5 Pepper Pepperoni Pizza. Within the video we also highlighted an awesome giveaway Mezzetta is offering to their customers for summer gear and free peppers.

MVMT Watches – Review Integration

MVMT Watches incorporated their brand and product in our food review of the bacon stuffed pizza where we showcase Fine Dining at Pizza Hut. We explain how you can have a fine dining experience while eating affordably. Just as MVMT Watches showcases affordable watches that are high quality and fashionable.

Leaner Creamer

Leaner Creamer worked with us directly on this campaign wherein we agreed to focus on a 30 second spot promoting their product. Emma and Maya discuss the value, taste, and health benefits of the product in this copy cat recipe of Panda Express Beijing Beef.

Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek has new Just Mayo products that they wished to have incorporated into a recipe. JP and Julia Goolia we’re up for the collaboration with their recipe of the Deep Fried Tuna Po Boy. This is a full integration video showcasing several Hampton Creek food products.

Click & Grow

Click & Grow, an innovative business showcasing an electronic herb garden, sponsored HellthyJunkFood. In the YouTube video JP & Julia Goolia showcased how to utilize three different herbs in their Dessert for Dinner segment that they grew with the assistance of Click & Grow.

iBotta Mobile App

iBotta, pronounced “i bought a”, is a fabulous app that worked with us on this video where we recreated the quesalupa at home. The company designed an app that saves people money on their groceries. We still use this app today.

Ideal Mister from The Fine Life

The Fine Life worked with us on Taco Bell Boss Wraps recipe where we filled our misters with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and balsamic vinegar. Their products literally made our channel healthier, absolutely amazing.


The wonderful people at WonderVeg were excited to work with us on this fun recipe of Applebees Potato Twisters. Great products with so many uses, especially when making hellthy junk food.

Mezzetta – Olives

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Mezzetta again. Please enjoy another holiday video as JP & Julia remake an Olive Garden recipe showcasing their olives.

Love This Kitchen

Love This Kitchen, an oven mitt company, sent us several different styles and colors of their silicone oven mitts. We loved & still love these gloves to date. See here as Julia creates Pink Buns for Breast Cancer Awareness as they wear the pink gloves.


Dalstrong, a new ceramic knife company, had us display their knives. The video showcases Julia and I making the Pizza Burger from Burger King.


Reelio worked directly with us on this sponsorship campaign. They requested that we work with them to tell YouTubers what they can do to help grow their Channels through brand deals. The video showcases the recipe for one of our favorite fast foods: Pizza Hut breadsticks.

Bella Michael’s Restaurant

One of our first restaurant promotions. It was a pleasure working with the owner Alex Gracias and his family. We put this video together in the style of Diners Dives and Drive-Ins.

Red Caboose Restaurant

Valentines Day was just around the corner while filming this video at the Red Caboose in Oneonta, NY. This film features Julia learning how to Shuck Oysters with the owner Tim Masterjohn.

Tiger Asian Cuisine

New Sushi Restaurant in town opened up and has a brilliant presentation to their sushi rolls. Both JP & Julia go to learn how to roll their favorite sushi, Sex on the Beach & Spicy Salmon Roll.

Mezzetta – Products

Mezzetta, a family company, reached out to us to create a recipe dish using several of their pickled and bottled vegetable products. This is a holiday themed promotion.

Tipsy Tower Giveaway

This was not only a really fun game to play and a great giveaway but Tipsy Tour was a great company to work with. Perfect timing to celebrate our 50,000 subscribers!