My name is JP Lambiase and I am the creator of HeLLthy Junk Food.  I started this website and YouTube channel because I am a food junkie.  I love food channels, I love the food network, I love people that love food, I love food that loves people and I love making people eat food.  Julia Goolia, my girlfriend, is on the same page with the crazy drive to keep food as the main focus in her life.  Even though she may like the finer types of foods, we find a nice middle ground when we are in the kitchen cooking recipes at home.

I am an adopted Korean into an italian family.  My parents purchased me at a discounted price and I have been dedicated to prove to my family that I am worth full retail value.  (that was a joke)

I’m well accustomed to saying words with the letter’s “R” and “L”.  I was raised in Rochester, NY so I was surrounded by restaurant chains and fast food joints and became quite the junky at an early age.

I recently went on a health kick, with the help of Julia Goolia, and it was the most painful experience of my life.  I deprived myself of my favorite snacks and treats and would go on an epic binge therefore destroying any progress I made throughout the weeks.  What I realized was most important about dieting and being healthy is that balance is just important if not more than sticking to a stringent diet.  So I decided to recreate all the food I love with these recipes.  Now these recipes aren’t necessarily healthy and aren’t meant to be a new way of life; they are to calm the cravings during a cheat day or a stressful day, etc.  Think of it as non-alcoholic beer.

You can expect to see tons of original recipe creations, fast food remakes, famous restaurant remakes and user submitted requests.  We take this stuff light-heartedly and are just having fun with it.  We’re not up for debating or any controversy over what we make.  These recipes are here at your disposal, like em, hate em, make em, mock em.


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